At STAND they constantly want to push the idea of traditional leatherwear through new approaches, where unconventional techniques and focus on quality is a guiding force. For them the true task is to translate luxurious material such as leather, wools, shearlings, faux furs and integrate it into a modern-day woman’s wardrobe. The idea of nonchalant sexiness is intriguing, and women who channel that always inspire the brand.

STAND was founded by Nellie Kamras in 2014 from the idea to meet a demand for expertly designed, high fashioned leather pieces at an accessible price. Since then STAND has expanded to deliver seasonal collections for both women and men mainly in leather, but also pieces in shearling, wool and faux fur. Today, the brand is mainly recognized for its wearable leather pieces and colourful faux fur coats for style-savvy women and men looking for delicate wardrobe staples.