Imagine the timid and yet sophisticated child in the classroom. That character whose impact, self-confidence and self-awareness not is to be mistaken. Imagine the naughty boy in the class who commits mistakes, learns to acknowledge them and turns faults into strengths. Imagine the discrete girl sitting in the front that we quietly admire whose characteristics we too own but do not dare to wear ourselves.
RIOTS parts from the norm. We, as an agency, are among the standard-bearers within the new generation who aim at strengthening and improving the industry's current practices.
RIOTS was founded in June 2011 by Bent Lee and Kristina Pasuna. The grounds for establishing the agency was a thorough market assessment amongst stores and buyers who all had the same feedback: the agents no longer seemed to dedicate themselves to the brands they represented. RIOTS had as mission to change that.
Numerous seasons later, RIOTS still concerns itself with an entire dedication to each and every brand and weighs close partnerships with equivalent customers as just as an important factor.
With Office and Showroom Space in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, RIOTS provides a unique and rare atmosphere for its brands.
We wish to partner up with established brands of promising futures. We value great quality and design with longevity. In return we accommodate any wish and criteria the customer should have regarding an agency.
With a big dedication to each and every brand. It is very important for us to work closely with our brands, in order for us to become an extended part of the brand and its core identity.
Thanks to our large knowhow and broad global network, we are dually able to offer our partners a solid establishment within the global market as well as a satisfactory turnover.
We consider identity and distinctiveness as key factors to our daily work approach. Therefore it is truly essential that we are familiar with the history and background of each brand, in order to perfectly plan and execute the right strategy. By working closely with our partners we simultaneously achieve mutual trust and respect – elements we believe characterize a successful collaboration.


bent lee & kristina pasuna from RIOTS